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The report indicates that FED may increase interest rate in early 2015.Once the project begins, that means It’s time of capital recycling comes. To Chinese economy, because of its fatigue growth in substantial economy, the tolerance to capital cost decreased continuously, in addition, there is no doubt that the asymmetrical reduction of interest in 2014 is timely rain. At the meantime, it is noteworthy that RMB start a new round devaluation after the reduction of rates this time. It is still not known if FED raise interest rate in advance will lead to arbitrage capital in China flow out. So on one hand, we need to guide the cost of capital downturn, On another, we need to remain RMB exchange rate stable on the basis of two-way volatility. Giving this, we have to accelerate economic structural adjustment. Take the opportunity of this, we start the 2nd FX Global Forum@China 2015 Shanghai on 10th April . Current forum will attract over 250 executives from banks, investment organizations, brokers, hardware and software suppliers, industrial experts all gathered together. We will discuss and analyze the situation aimed to the current investment direction, the factors that affect the FX investment. Heroes gather together, will give guidance to the investors and set up a business platform that provide participants an opportunity to cooperate. 



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